Grow Cannabis With Healthy Roots – Oxygen can be a limiting factor in the root zone by Ed Rosenthal

“Cannabis plants are dependent on their environment for materials and energy. These key inputs, known as the limiting factors, drive photosynthesis and therefore plant growth. As outlined in the Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, the limiting factors are light, carbon dioxide, nutrients, water, and temperature. Through my work to update the book, which is now the Cannabis Grower’s Handbook, I’ve highlighted another critical limiting factor, oxygen.

Oxygen is required by all of the plant’s living tissues for aerobic respiration. This means everything from the bottom of the roots to the tops of the shoots. If oxygen becomes limited the plant’s respiration rate will dip and its ability to perform its normal activities will decrease. Although, in theory, oxygen could be a limiting factor in the stems, leaves, and flowers, that’s nearly impossible. The place where oxygen stress is a reality is within the plant’s root zone and occurs when oxygen uptake by the plant’s roots outpaces oxygen’s replacement there.”

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