“Influence of Aeroponic System on Growth and Yield Parameters of V-1 Mulberry”

G. A. Nishchitha, et al. 2023. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change 13(5): 290-300.

EXCERPT: “It can be inferred that the aeroponic system enhance the rates of plants growth by promoting the root aeration because the root system is totally suspended in the air, giving the plant stem and roots system access to 100% of the available oxygen present in the air. This is in line with the findings of Nishchitha et al., who reported that the V-1 mulberry saplings grown under aeroponics had recorded maximum for root parameters viz., longest root length, number of roots and root biomass when compared to nursery condition. Thus, the extensive oxygen availability likely represents the most important advantage of the aeroponic culture method over conventional and hydroponic ones.”

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