“Approaches for Sustainable Production of Soybeans Under Current Climate Change Condition”

Sohail Ahmad Jan and Aiman Fatima. 2023. MedCrave Online Journal of Biology and Medicine: 8(1).

EXCERPT: “Aeroponics is a great approach for crop production. The process is carried out in completely controlled conditions. Plants are placed in growth chamber/ area, and mist of nutrient solution is provided. This process does not use soil, but the nutrient mist does cater all the nutritional plant requirements.”

This study explores strategies for sustainable soybean production in the face of climate change. The researchers highlight the importance of incorporating aeroponics, resilient cultivars, proper management practices, and innovative technologies to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on soybean crops. They emphasize the need for comprehensive research and collaboration among stakeholders to develop effective and sustainable strategies, including the integration of aeroponics, for soybean production in the current climate change scenario.

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